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Keeping voice landline on copper in FW area.

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for how to deal with an issue that I am having with updating my phone plan on Telstra.


We've had Fixed Wireless NBN in my area for over 5 years. I know that in Fixed Wireless Areas the copper network is not being switched off, and you can elect to keep your voice phone on copper if you wish. I know this because the ACCC has said it, NBN has said it, and even Telstra has told me in writing.


Because of my sons health we have priority medical assistance on my phone, and in the past Telstra have advised me to keep my phone on the copper network because there would be issues they can't control on FW, (power failure, tower outages etc).


I've never had an issue doing this until now. But this year every Telstra person I've spoken to, (in store, chat, phone), will not let me modify my home phone plan unless I switch it to the NBN. But they are also telling me things that are very obviously related to physical NBN connections, like FTTN, and not FW.


They say things like,

"If you don't change your phone is going to get disconnected in 18 months",

even though I know that is only for physical NBN connections. If you look up my address in the NBN database, under disconnctions it literally states,

"Premises connected to the nbn™ broadband access network via Fixed Wireless won't be disconnected from their existing phone and internet services by nbn. If you want to keep your existing copper phone line active when you order a service over the nbn™ Fixed Wireless access network, you should speak to your phone and internet provider at the time you place your order."


They tell me that they can install a battery so we will have phone during blackouts. But a few years ago when I asked about batteries Telstra said they were only for FTTN, and batteries wouldn't help if the tower was offline.


When I went into the Telstra store I took in a printout from the ACCC,, which says

"In fixed wireless areas (unlike other parts of Australia), the copper network is not being switched off and there is no obligation to migrate to the NBN. Even if you decide to migrate to the NBN, there is no obligation to disconnect your voice or ADSL service. If you decide to keep your ADSL service active along with a fixed wireless service, you will need to pay for both.",

and they flat out told me that the page was incorrect.


In the Telstra store I've been told that unless I switch to the NBN they can't help me and I should leave. I've been hung up on over the phone. The online chat person closed the chat session. Even the guy on the complaints line just argued with me about this instead of taking my complaint.


It's got to the point where now I'm starting to worry that my information is just plain wrong or out of date.  Am I being gaslighted?


I'm not fighting with them because I hate FW, I've got FW for my internet right now from another provider. I'm just trying to keep my voice landline on copper because I was told I had to, by Telstra, because of the priority medical assistance on my account. And because the sales people I've spoken to are so obviously talking about FTTN.


Any advice? Am I the one in the wrong?  Am I the crazy person ranting at them?

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