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Landline disconnection

I received an automated voice call yesterday to my Telstra landline. Female voice reported calling from NBN saying this Telstra landline will be disconnected in 24 hours because NBN is now available.

We’ve been connected to NBN for over a year now so assumed it was a scam call and hung up. However, this evening our landline stopped working (giving a continuous tone) and internet is disconnected!! 

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Level 16: Special Agent

Re: Landline disconnection

Hi - that may be a random occurrence. Those scam callers a real nuisance - one call I received was a guy who had a very official English aristocrat voice - I think he also moonlights for the fictitious tax department.


Suggest you turn off your Telstra modem and NBN NTD/HFC Modem and wait more than 30 seconds, turn on NBN equipment first, once that is up, turn on your Telstra modem to see if you have dial tone. If no dial tone is present, call Telstra to report a fault. 

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