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Managing your T-Hub 2 memory


Managing your T-Hub 2 memory

If you're ever presented with an  error message suggesting that there is insufficient memory on the T-Hub 2 Tablet, you will no longer be able to download updates for existing applications and new apps, music or games from the Google Play store. 


If you do experience this issue, you will need to reset your T-Hub 2 Tablet. 


Please note: It is important that prior to doing this you should back up all of your photos, music, videos and any other important files or save them to an SD card prior to performing the device reset as the reset will delete them all.


Any applications or games you have previously installed can be downloaded again from Google Play. You will not be charged again for those applications that you previously purchased.


The steps outlined below assumes that you have downloaded the latest T-Hub 2 software. (Settings->About tablet->System updates should read 4.0.4_3.30 or  greater).


Step 1. Go to Settings->Backup & reset.

Step 2. Scroll down and select Factory data reset and follow the onscreen instructions. The tablet will turn off for about a minute and turn on again automatically.
Step 3. Step through the Installation Wizard when prompted. 


Once you have completed the Installation Wizard, go to Settings->About tablet->Partition type. It should say Dynamic. This will enable you to share the memory  that was previously dedicated for your personal files, e.g. music, to also be used to store apps and games you download from Google Play 


Step 4. To re-install the applications you had previously downloaded, log into the Google Play store at and select the My Android Apps tab. You will see the list of applications and games that you had previously installed. To re-install the application or game, select the application and select Install.

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