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NBN Home Phone engaged

For the past two weeks have been trying to get Telstra Faults to fix home phone.

Engaged signal or one long single beep has been the sound on the phone.

Same problem with a Vtech and Panasonic phone.  I have also purchases a Vtech corded phone (at suggestion of Telstra Tech) and still same problem.

Faults has taken me through all the procedures they have. Rebooted, factory reset, unplug all other phones and as I said finally I bought a new single corded phone and still no good.

Just got off fourth call back call with Telstra and said they are escalating again.  All looks good from their end they keep telling me when they run their tests.

After rebooting I do get a dial tone but after one call it goes back to being busy.  This is the same whatever phone I use so its not the phone.

Have had no problem for 18 months.  Internet working fine.

Modem is Telstra F@ST 5355 model.


Wondering if anyone has had the same problem.  Thanks.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Home Phone engaged

I don't think that there is anything that you can do from your end, it sounds like a configuration issue. Whether that is within Telstra's or NBN Co's system is anybody's guess.


Have you lodged a formal complaint about it, or have you just been going through the standard front of house tech support? It may get resolved quicker if you lodge it as a formal complaint as then there will be a single complaints manager following it through for you.

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