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NBN and MessageBank messages

We've identified some issues with NBN and Telstra's MesageBank messages and so we've put the below together as a quick tip guide.


What is Stuttered Dial Tone?

Stuttered Dial Tone is a MessageBank indicator, letting you know that your MessageBank requires action, whether it be setting it up for the first time, or retrieving messages that have been left - this may affect your new NBN service.


How can I fix it?

The Stuttered Dial Tone can easily be removed by listening to any new MessageBank messages that you may have, if there are no messages waiting and you still have the stuttered dial tone please follow these additional steps:


  1. Leave a new  message on your MessageBank, you can use your mobile to do this
  2. Then listen/ remove your new message,  you can also do this remotely if you are not at home

Once the above has been completed it should then clear the stuttered dial tone.


In the rare situation where the above steps do not clear the stuttered tone please call us on 1800 834 273.


If you are wanting to turn off MessageBank on or off:


Turn off MessageBank
  • Dial Tone # 9 9 #
  • Announcement

Turn on MessageBank
  • Dial Tone * 9 9 #
  • Announcement


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