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Here we are again. Every week a disruption of service. Since I’ve switched with NBN I always have problems: landline and/or internet connection.
Now I can barely open Netflix, not to mention watching or download a movie. I feel like I’m back in the ‘90’s, when opening a webpage was a success.
It is frustrating and disappointing (and I’m being polite) to see the “biggest” provider in Australia failing so badly in providing a service and assisting a customer to solve it.
I’m spending hours regularly on the phone with some telstra assistant randomly chosen around the world almost every week to try to get it fixed. Promising a NBN technician will come out if the problem is not fixed. Then magically the problem seems fixed, technician cancel his visit and next week the problem start again.
Switching to NBN with Telstra was the worst choice I ever made.
Today I was told that a Manager would have called me in the next 24 hrs. I do really hope some “Manager” will call me by tomorrow (Saturday WAST) with some sort of solution in his/her sleeve.
Thank you in advance for your time if you decide to read this and reply.
Nicola Bisin
(Dissatisfied and unvalued Telstra customer)

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Level 22: Superhuman


What type of NBN do you have?

Depends on where the fault is, if it's on NBNs side all a retail service provider can do is ask NBN to have a look. In regards to a tech coming out a retail service provider can request a tech go out, but NBN then check things on there side and either confirm the booking or cancel it if they deem it's not necessary.
For Official Support start a Secure Chat , try the Online Troubleshooter, Outage Check or Complaint.

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Support Team
Support Team


Hi @MrRotty


This is most certainly not the feedback we like to see coming from our customers.


Just checking back in to see if you need any further help and support after the mentioned call back yesterday?

- Stef

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