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Naming your handsets.

I have  3 handsets (2 from T-Hub1), and rather than having them named "handset 1" etc, and to use as an intercom system, I thought it might be best to name them after their locations.


The way to do this doesn't seem all that difficult, although I couldn't find documentation on it.


Here's how I did it:


  •  On the T-Hub 2 HANDSET,  press INT for intercom, and make sure you call each phone one at a time if you are a bit like me and forgetful of which is whichSmiley Very Happy


  • ON the T-Hub 2 HANDSET, go to settings, System, Handset Name and simply edit the names.
  • The names propagate back to the T-Hub 2 tablet, and you can see them in brackets.
  • The T-Hub 2 handset can identify each of the phones/tablets.

The T-Hub 1 handsets don't seem to have the capacity for renaming themselves, so any ideas would be appreciated.


However, I tried them all out, and the Intercom function works, even T-Hub to T-Hub.  Obviously, it's NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED by Telstra, but if you want to try go ahead.



Why do it?


Well, for one thing, if one of your idiot relatives leaves a phone somewhere and you can't find it, you at least have the option of dialling it internally, and you might find it before the battery dies.


And it easily identifies where you are.


Lounge Room (T-Hub 2 Tablet)

Lounge Room (T-Hub 2 Handset)

Kitchen (T-Hub 1  handset)

Bedroom (T-Hub 1 handset)

Computer Room (T-Hub 1 Tablet)



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