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Next G wireless link

Our copper wire landline is no longer reliable and Telstra tech applied for the NGWL, which was approved, and going to be supplied free of charge, thanks to Telstra's customer service guarantee.

A technician came out to install today and, having checked the signal, said that NGWL would not work for our house (something about the readings being too high; 95 plus). He suggested that the smart antenna (TGO) could be worth a try, and we would need a yagi if there was a chance to get reception. He had two bars on his mobile while he was on the roof, but we get no reception in and around the house.

Given that our copper wire line does not work and Telstra won't be replacing it, we are basically in a monopoly situation with Telstra as the only provider. What I want to know is, given it's monopoly status, is Telstra obliged to supply us with the smart antenna etc. as part of their service guarantee? If not, does anyone know what our options are?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Next G wireless link

They might entertain the idea. Or they could choose to provide you with a Satellite Phone. The choice of technology provided is up to them, but the provision of a Smart Antenna with an external Yagi antenna would seem to be the cheapest option.
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