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Phone Extension

I have recently had nbn-FTTC- put on at home. At the time I was told to plug my main phone into the modem. I was also told to unplug my downstairs phone as it would no longer work. Can anyone tell me why that is so.

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Re: Phone Extension

Because, under the NBN, your phone service is delivered as a VOIP (data) service.
This means that your phone needs to be plugged in to your modem.

If you want to continue to have a handset plugged in to a socket, you need to have that socket connected to the modem's green phone port as well. You can get an electrician to do that work if you so desire. You would need to get a patch panel installed near you modem and plug the cable from the green phone port into that, the cable would then be split and provide a connection at the patch panel (via a second socket on that panel) and also be connected to your other socket downstairs.
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Re: Phone Extension

Thanks Jupiter, I appreciate your reply.

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Re: Phone Extension

Given the number of houses that have multiple outlets for phones, this must rate as one of the greatest failings of the telcos and nbn.

The other options is to change your phone to a wireless one, or you can get XDECT wireless handsets which will sync/link with the phone part of your modem.

The previous house I lived in (a rental) changed to FTTP - the first tech didn't speak a word of english, so I sent him away. The second one, simply moved the existing pstn connection, to the phone port on the Fibre box - of course, that won't work with FTTN or FTTC. As I said, poor planning.
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