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Register (pair) your T-Hub2 handset with T-Hub tablet

You should be able to register/pair your T-Hub 1 Tablet to the T-Hub 2 Base Station or T-Gateway.


To do this, you'll  have to perform a device reset of the T-Hub 1 Tablet:


-> Go to Settings -> Device Reset and follow the instructions


When you turn on the T-Hub 1 Tablet again you'll have to step through the installation wizard, so you can register the tablet to the base station:


Put your T-Hub 2 Base Station or Gateway into pairing mode, by pressing the top LED on the front of the T-Hub 2 Base Station or press the DECT button on your T-Gateway. At this point the T-Hub 1 tablet will then register to the T-Hub 2 Base Station and will be able to make and receive calls.


Please Note – the call log and contacts will not align on the T-Hub 1 Tablet and all the T-hub 2 devices. However you should be able to make and receive calls as well as use the internet features on the T-Hub 1 device.



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