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Set up T-Hub Messaging

Before you get started, you'll need:

  • A full service Telstra HomeLine® or BusinessLine® service, preselected to Telstra for local and long distance calls
  • A BigPond® or Telstra broadband connection
  • A Home Network Gateway or compatible wi-fi modem

Step 1 of 8 - Set up your Messaging Service.Your messaging service is used for Voicemail. There are two messaging services available for you to choose from - Telstra Home Messages 101® (no subscription charges and free message retrieval from your home phone) or MessageBank® (subscription charges may apply).


Find out more about the differences between Home Messages 101® and MessageBank®.

To activate either of these services, dial 125101 from your existing phone, before you set up your T-Hub.
If you are subscribed to MessageBank, you will be prompted to enter your PIN each time you dial 125101. By default, your PIN is the last 6 digits of your phone number. You will also be asked to create a Welcome message the first time you access your MessageBank service.
Step 2: Ensure you have Flashing Message Indicator activated on your service. Flashing Message Indicator is a free service, and alerts your T-Hub when you have new voicemail. You will know that this service is activated if you are already getting alerts on your current home phone when you receive a voice message. If you are unsure whether you have activated this feature, contact T-Hub Support on 1300 136 841.
Step 3 of 8 - Turn on your T-Hub.You'll be taken through an installation process - simply follow the on-screen instructions:
Step 4 of 8: The first step guides you through setting up your Touch Panel and cordless handset so that it can make and receive calls.
Step 5 of 8: The next step sets up your wireless internet connection with the T-Hub. You'll need your Wi-Fi network name or SSID, and your security key (also known as a WEP or WPA key). These can often be found printed on a sticker on your modem:
Step 6 of 8: The next step makes sure that your T-Hub has the latest available software. Software updates are unmetered for BigPond broadband customers, so they won't count towards your monthly usage:
Step 7: The next step allows you to specify your location, date and time.
Step 8 of 8: The final step sets up your Voicemail service. You'll also need your BigPond or username and password to complete this step. 
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