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Sparate land lines

I rang the Telstra chat line this morning to ask a question re is it possible to have 2 separate landlines going into your house because I wanted my son to have his own number, internet provider and account Etc. after some time toing & froing they ask me for my best contact and rang be back on that and once again when through the process before they transferred me to Home phone support.


Once again after a lot of toing and froning I was told that it was company policy that they only allow 1 line per house, but I could have a separate number for him added to my account and ask him to pay his portion to which I said yes and good luck I would have to keep chancing him for that!


After talking to a friend (Retired Telstra employee) who said it been a while but I sure it can be done but check internet and see what you can find out there. Found comment like yes it can be done and no not possible (Confusing) 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Sparate land lines

If you are in an NBN area, NBN Co only allow for a single connection to a property, but this also only allows for a single number.


It used to be possible to have 2 physical lines going into a house, but Telstra may have changed their policy to align with the NBN Co policy so as not to be seen to be installing something that may not work once the NBN rolls out in those areas that are still waiting for it.

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