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Switching ADSL2 to Cable

We recently reviewed our connection options because the ADSL2 had been lagging, buffering etc and we were getting heaps of errors and dropouts.  We were told we may need a new modum by Telstra and our area was now able to connect to cable.  Excited we then chose a new bundle which included the Foxtel T-Box, modem etc.  Telstra were to contact us to arrange a time for a technician over the next couple of days.  From then it all went pear shaped..


1. I kept receiving automated messages throughout the week on my mobile which I didn't know what they were.  I couldn't return the call and wasn't able to access them through a  message bank.  Thinking it maybe Telstra, I tried to use the ref no. no one could help me or I couldn't understand them. I spoke with at least 4 offshore people in other countries.


2. I finally got through to someone in Australia who was able to confirm a time had been made for me without consultation with me so I ask if I could change this as it was a day I could arrange time off from work. I had a day to work with yahh!


3.  Optimisitcally, I thought I could attend to the service call which was booked from 10-2 and then return to work. Waited  just 10 mins before 2.00 and a techinian arrived and said it would take a couple of hours to install the cable service.  He too was extremely flusted and irritated.


4.  All went well with the install until the techinician said ' There seems to be a fault and you should receive a text message soon to let you know it has been rectified then all should be fine.   WE ARE STILL WAITING ..........


We have signed up for a new bundle and can't even use it and the ADSL2 is continuing to dropout and lag.  My last text was this morning saying 'Your cable issue has now been escalated and should be resolved within 5 days'.....This is a communication service company...right?   Wouldn't it be great if our largest communication service company could actually communicate with their clients and provide a strong service...... or am I asking too much?





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Switching ADSL2 to Cable

Hi ScanlanFam,

Thanks for your post, I've sent you a Private Message to assist further


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