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Telstra 12750 Direct 360

I have a Telstra 12750 Direct 360, which has the following symptoms: (1) When picking up the phone to dial a number, there is no dial tone. (2) When an external line rings in, the base station rings, but when the handset is picked up, the call is not connected – this is also the case when pressing the pickup button on the handset. (3) the power is on the prime and the two slave handsets, and the page capability is working to the other two slave handsets, so the handsets and base station are connecting. What I have done so far is: (1) I have checked the power and phone line connections – these are fine as the phone line works fine with another handset and the lights on the prime base station are on and the slave handsets are fully charged and indicate that they are connected; (2) I have removed the other two slave handsets from the network and removed the power from their base stations and also disconnected their batteries; (2) I have deregistered the primary handset from the base station; (3) I have reset the prime handset and base station by removing the power/battery for more than ten minutes; (4) I have validly re-registered the handset to the base station; (5) I have checked all of the other settings that I can think of in the handset. The symptoms are still there. Do you have any ideas on how to rectify this?

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Re: Telstra 12750 Direct 360

Is this on an NBN connection or standard copper?

Just to clarify: Is it just the primary handset or are the slaves having the issue as well?
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Re: Telstra 12750 Direct 360

Dear Yastriandrie,
Firstly, thank you for your assistance in this matter. Here is the pertinent information:
(1) The phone is connected through a standard PSTN copper line. The line has been checked and no fault has been found. A fax and another phone base station (Uniden) attached to the same line are also still working fine. I have also taken the step of attaching the Telstra 12750 unit to the phone line jack that I know is working (the one to the Uniden base station) and this does not fix the problem. Consequently, it does not appear to be a problem in the connection, but in the Telstra 12750 unit.
(2) The behaviour of the base station is: (a) When a call is coming in, the base station rings and recognises the call and even reads out the number: (b) When the master or slave units are picked up (and even when the call pickup button is pressed on the various handsets) the call cannot be detected/collected and the phone simply continues to ring on the fax/Uniden handset: (c) When trying to dial out from the master handset or slave units there is no dial tone, and when pushing the handsfree/pickup button the handsets indicate pulse dialling, but there is no connectivity with the PSTN network: (d) The master unit and handsets still have connectivity through page and intercom.
(3) Consequently, it appears to be something in the base unit that will not allow call connectivity. I have gone through everything that I can think of by working my way through the unit manual. However, I have not had any success in identifying causation and I have implemented all of the troubleshooting recommendations, but this does not resolve the problem.
Any ideas that you may have would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Bruce Hilliard
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra 12750 Direct 360

If the Telstra 12750 Direct 360 is isolated by itself on the line and the other fax/Uniden/filter/modem devices removed do you still have the same reactions on the Telstra phone?


Also, How long have you had the Telstra cordless phone set?


- AlistairQWA

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