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Telstra Velocity rebate

I revently signed up for Telstra Velocity which was a very expensive process. I was told that there was a rebate available for the first connection. The Telstra rep said that this was now paid to the builder/developer. I asked the builder and he said this wasnt the case. How do i find out if there is a rebate available or if it was paid to the developer as it would go along way towards the $600 connection costs. Thank you.

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Re: Telstra Velocity rebate

The only person who could tell you if there was a rebate paid to the developer would be the developer. Telstra are not allowed to give you that information.


Normally in a SmartCommunity, all those connections are handled by the developer as part of your contract with them and you just sign up to the contract with Telstra.  Maybe read the documentation that your developer provided at the time you bought the premises.

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Re: Telstra Velocity rebate

I am the first tenant in a rental property.


There was nothing connected.  Just the fibre and aerial hanging out the wall. 


The builder told me to enquire about a rebate but Telstra told me on the phone to contact the developer as they dont give out to individuals anymore. 


It was very costly to connect considering that the second tenants only have to pay %59 connection fee as opposed to the $600+ I had to pay.


Thanks for the response.



Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra Velocity rebate

Hey Lecky,


You could also approach your landlord or property owner. It will vary from state to state but typically infrastructure costs should be borne by them for the initial connection; or should have been borne by them on buying the property from the developer.


Please report back with your progress.

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