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Telstra Voice Extender...Do Not Use It Advice

I strongly suggest you do not use Telstra's Voice Extender.  I used this device with two Telstra Smart Modem Generation 2 modems and it is problematic.  Regularly disconnecting its connection to the modem and disrupting other wifi devices connected to the modem causing them to unpair.  This problem occurred every 3 days or so.  Once removed and not used all the problems went away and never returned.  Telstra re-credited my account $48 as I returned the device to a Telstra store. Instead get a phone point installed by an electrician that will give you a hard wired connection to the modem from that phone point (can be anywhere in your home).  Should cost about $90>$100 for an electrician.  The Voice Extender also had an issue with loud crackling radio interference sounds from time to is a no joy device for sure.

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