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Telstra's bad customer service



I have just joined this 'Crowd Support'.


I think many (Australians) who currently pay for services from

large Corporations, can justly feel dis-enfranchised with the

actual services that they receive : it tends to be Corporate

goals (i.e. making more money and commissions) that drive

Sales to telephone ME, and TELSTRA try to avoid their

responsibiltiy to behave in accordance with Consumer Law

in Australia : 'cold' calls by TELSYTRA to change plans, etc.,

MAY be revoked by the Customer (me),

WITHOUT penalty according to CURRENT Consumer Laws;

TELSTRA have unilaterally CEASED advising me of my due

BILL by ANY means, including e-mail, until my BILL was way overdue !


I have just discussed this with a Supervisor, and he has 'assured me'

that each of these issues will now be resolved.


IF SO - then - 'thank you, TELSTRA'.


However, I woudl remind any staff volunteerinh their time to

be bothered to read my pst : I HAVE BEEN PAYING large sums

continually to TELSTRA as my current Provider of Internet,

Home Phone, and Mobile Phone Services, and I AHVE BEEN PAYING

large sumns for a LONG period of time : NO complaint to me,

by TELSTRA will be accepted, unless the Organisation deals with

my reasonable 'issues' in a more TIMELY fashion, in future !


In other words, to all low-income people, on penions, like me,

KEEP fighting for a 'fairgo', and do NOT take TESLTRA,

or any Organisation, solely at THEIR word, when they phone

to 'assist' you, IF it does not assist you.


Thank you,

H.Keith GAZE, B.E., fmr M.I.E Aust, fmr Mbr A.C.S.,

former TELSTRA employee,


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Support Team

Re: Telstra's bad customer service

Hi Keefer62,

Welcome to Crowdsupport Smiley Happy

Thanks for taking the time to provide the above feedback & I'm sorry to hear you're getting unwanted calls from us

If you do not wish to receive Telstra telemarketing calls, or for information on our telemarketing opt out process, please call us on 1800 039 059 (9am-7pm EST Mon to Fri, excluding public holidays).

You can view more information on unwelcome calls via

Has everything been sorted in regards to your bill & delivery method?

If you require any further assistace, please let me know

We're also available 24x7 via our social media sites &




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Re: Telstra's bad customer service


I am in total agreement with you.  Telstra are presently treating me with disdain as I am trying to get them to reinstate a plan I had but they changed after a cold call.  Repeated calls to Telstra and their contractor have resulted in little satisfaction and another plan to be implemented at their insistence that my plan is no longer available.  Sorry but I didn't ask for a change and they refuse to provide any alternative without my commitment to a new 24 month contract.

My services are two mobiles (Telstra prepaid), cable internet, landline and Foxtel Premium package with additional room box.  My old contract was about $230 a month (not including mobiles) but they now want me to pay $240 with a 24 month contract.

I am preparing a case for the Ombudsmen at the moment.

Telstra Crowd Support response to you above demonstrates clearly they have no concept or understanding how people of a certain age and culture do not want to spend all their time "chatting" on some website.  A personal phone call will solve the issue quickly and should be followed up by a written letter (in the mail) not some SMS (which expires and no proof is readily available to the customer).  This is what I repeatedly requested but still only get emails.  I requested their latest "resolution" in writing but this is not available to me (the customer).  So how do I take legal action under consumer law if this information is not made available?

Like you Keefer62, I have been a "loyal" customer for over 20 years with internet and Foxtel since about 1996.  This was how I was greeted by their contractor as a loyal customer and that Telstra wanted to reward me with this special bundle.  It is costing me hours in trying to resolve it and to boot an extra $8 to 10 a month plus a binding contract with exorbitant penalties to exit before 24 months have expired.

Research is challenging and I doubt Optus can offer anything better so I will have to find an organisation like Seniors to see if the can negotiate a reasonable package.

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Re: Telstra's bad customer service

OMG...does that read 2014....?

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