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The Telstra Troubleshooting Tool

When you run into a problem your home line (PSTN), this tool will assist you to run troubleshooting diagnostics and get the problem resolved via your browser or a mobile app.




The Telstra Troubleshooting tool can detect, diagnose and advise what the problem is and then provide step by step instructions to fix that problem fast.



How can this help me with my home phone service?


This troubleshooting tool can help:


  • If you’re hearing a recorded announcement
  • If there is an unusual dial tone
  • If there’s no dial tone
  • If you’re unable to make or receive calls
  • With a noisy line
  • To identify a faulty handset
  • To identify a faulty socket

How can this help me with my ADSL or Cable service?


This troubleshooting tool can help if you’re


  • Unable to browse the internet
  • Experiencing modem connection issues or drop outs
  • Experiencing slow connection and response times
  • Having difficulty setting up WiFi
  • Experiencing WiFi connection issues or drop outs
  • Having difficulty setting up email
  • Unable to send or receive emails

How do I access the tool?


Customers can access the tool via a mobile device or computer.


If you’re using a mobile, you can access the tool from the Help & Support tab within the Telstra 24x7 App. Alternatively you can head to from your device’s web browser.


When using a computer you can simply navigate to using your web browser.




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