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Why is my phone disabled in Smart Modem?

I have an old fashioned, corded home phone that worked fine for a few months after I got a Telstra Smart Modem. It is still all connected properly--PSTN in wall socket, phone connection in the right port at the back of the modem. The WiFi is working fine, but sine May there has been no dial tone in the phone. The green light for the phone at the back of the modem is off, and the phone shows as disabled in my modem login screen. There is a blank where my phone number should appear. I have tried connecting a different headset that I know works, but that didn't solve the problem. A Telstra technician came when I was not at home and said there is no fault on the line. So, what has gone wrong, and how can I fix it? The answer isn't NBN--we don't have it yet in my neighborhood.

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Re: Why is my phone disabled in Smart Modem?

Does the phone work if plugged directly into the phone wall socket? If it does then there could be a problem with the modem, the phone light should be green even with no phone plugged if you have an NBN connection or on non NBN connections the PSTN port on modem is connected to a working phone socket.


The only things you could try

  1. Is making sure PSTN port is connected correctly, try another telephone lead encase the lead is broken.
  2. Power Modem off and back on again.
  3. Factory reset modem. If you do this and have an ADSL connection you might have to re-enter your bigpond username and password in the PPPOE section of the modem's broadband settings.


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