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access to messages

We got swapped over to NBN about a week or so ago,


We have a T-Voice 502 Handset that is OK (I guess) .... Since the change over we can no longer access any messages, it changed over from our old land line with out me doing anything and it tells me it's set up and to enter my pin .... But when I do this it tells me it's the wrong pin (if I do this more that 2 or 3 times (Trying different pins that I think it might be) it hangs up on me and blocks me for some time.


How do I reset pin ??


And how do I set a new pin when it wont take any notice of my old pin ??????


AND While I'm here when the phone rings (YES it's set at 5 on the loudness button and on increasing) it is so soft that it can't be heard it was in our kitcken (But we couldn't hear it) so moved it to the loungeroom  ..... but if TV is on we still can't hear it, it has to be in line of your sight to see lights come on when a call comes in.  

And None of use have a hearing problem. It's the phone Smiley Sad

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: access to messages

Hi brycejudy,


Apologies for the confusion. When your service is moved over to the NBN, your messagebank resets. This means that the PIN also resets, which would be why your PIN isn't working. If you speak with our NBN support team on 1800 834273 we can help get you into your messagebank and also help you change the PIN to the one you want. 

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