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how to access message with skype

Living in remote NT we regularly have our land lines go out, and occasionally for a week or so. We do not have mobile coverage but do have internet, so I can make calls with skype when the home phone (and all phones in our town are out). When the phones go out I used to be able to check our message bank using skype, then reply to the messages, but in more recent times I find although I can call the message bank service, when I dial in our number it seems the message bank service does not recognise the tones I enter and so cannot enter the phone number or pin. The same things happens when I go to report our phones out to Radio Faults, the tones do not seem to be recognised and sometimes because a tone entry is required, I get cutoff without having spoken to anyone. Any clues?

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: how to access message with skype

You could download a DTMF generator on your mobile and use that to generate the tones. Just hold it close to the microphone. Not a particularly elegant solution, but should work.

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