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request to change land line number please

We recently had my phone service changed to personal as my son was using the number for his business. However he has moved out and I no longer required the business service. I am a pensioner. I was allocated a new phone number, at end of January, as a result- <number removed to protect your privacy> but was  wondering now that the business phone has been disconnected, could I apply to have the old number <number removed to protect your privacy>, reconnected. I have cancer and hence see a lot of medical personnel and medical facilities, hence the old number would save me a lot of time and effort of notifying all of these people of the number change.

I was informed by the Technician who attended the change over that this would be possible. I understand there may be a waiting period. If this is so please let me know. 

Kind regards, 

Jeanette Hawkes

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: request to change land line number please

Given that this is a rather complicated request for the phone consultants, I would recommend calling 132200 and ask for "Disconnections". They are based in Adelaide and have a very good understanding of Telstra's systems. They should be able to get you sorted ASAP.


Also, it's not a good idea to post your phone number in a public forum such as Crowdsupport, I'll get the moderators to remove it.

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