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Community Manager EmeLou Community Manager
Community Manager

Reprogramming instructions for the removal of the CVPN - least cost/dial plan features from PBX/CPE equipment   CVPN Dial Plan Customers using Switched Access Method: Remove Switched Access (18811/18810) Least Cost Routing and Dial Plan Access   Rep ...

Telstra (Retired) MargieDee
Telstra (Retired)

If you want to stay on top of your call costs, or several people are sharing your phone, you can use Call Control to set a range of barring levels for outgoing call types – including national, international, 190X or local calls.   You can even restri ...

Telstra (Retired) Ben
Telstra (Retired)

QuestionHow can I have my listing on the White Pages and Sensis removed? AnswerThe Silent Line service stops your name, home phone number and address from being listed in White Pages® directories or being given out by directory services. It also stop ...

Community Alumni (Retired)

There is no need to de-register the handset as you can register up to 5 handsets and old T-Hub handsets are compatible with T-Hub 2.    But just in case you wanted to, Here are the instructions on how to unregister a handset on the T- Hub.
Select “Se ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

These instructions will take you through the steps to completely wipe all data from your device and return it to factory default settings, which is a last resort if all other troubleshooting fails.   Note that in addition to all of your data you will ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

After a extended period of inactivity, the tablet will sometimes display a blank or black screen. The device isnt necessarily frozen when this occurs and in many cases, the device has gone into standby similar to what you see in mobile phone devices. ...