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3G cellular network peaks

Hi Telstra,


Our company utilizes various 3G/4G/Datapack WAN business and customer services.


Before i begin i will stress these issues do not relate to us specifically, particular device configurations or geographical connection locations.


Unfortunently since we operate outside the major capital city's, the quality of service in regards to rural data customers under the 3G network is absoloute trash. All of our services are constantly plagued by gateway drop-outs, DNS query failures and data session connection refusals.


Without a doubt these problems are the result of the rural 3G infrastructure operating at continual peak capacity.

Voice services are always given prioty via a QoS/ToS packet shaping, which means during peack periods (about 15 hours of the day) data customers have to put up with a rubbish service.


Why are Telstra signing up customers onto an overburdned underpowered rural 3G network when there are obvious capacity and network infrastructure problems?

This is particullary abhorent when i have a $936,000 (yes just shy of $1 million) quote sittting on my desk from Telstra to upgrade our site celluar tower because of capacity problems...

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Re: 3G cellular network peaks

Hi whazp,


Having consulted with our specialised tech team in regards to this issue, I can confirm that mobile towers are flagged with capacity issues and upgraded accordingly if warranted.  Telstra don't stop selling mobile services to customers if they are burdened as upgrades will be made to the network as required - but as network upgrades and/or extra towers can take some time to consult and negotiate with local councils, land owners and other relevant bodies to ensure the impact to local residents is minimised, this process may take some time in certain areas.
- Justin


Telstra Social Media Team

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