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4G Router connection failure

Hi , 

   I have a 4G router with Telstra sim to get internet access. Coverage is not good so we have a large external antenna on our roof. Everything worked well until a week or so ago 

The router would connect and work for a number of minutes and then loose connection.

I can look at the 4G status on the router - it initially  connects and works to a Cell ID 1with -68dbm RSSI and then appears to change to a different Cell ID 2 (I am not sure why) with -75dbm  RSSI and endlessly tries to connect. I have tried to identify the towers from the Cell ID but apparently that information is not available


I have taken the Router to another location with more towers around and it connects and runs correctly

I got another Router which did the same thing when it connected to  Cell ID 2 - endlessly tries to connect.

Any advice about things to the our connection working would be appreciated

Thank You


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