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4gX dongle

This dongle is a friend's and he said if I recharge it I can use it.

How do I recharge it?

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Re: 4gX dongle

You need to know the phone number of the dongle (SIM card actually) and then you can recharge via the website. 

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: 4gX dongle

Hi Wazza18,


Jupiter is correct ,you need the phone number.


If the device hasn't been recharged within 6 month's of the expiry date of the last recharge, the SIM should have automatically been deactivated....which means that you can't put a recharge on.


Has your friend told you what amounts you can recharge, and how much Data you get for each particular amount?

Each Pre-Paid mobile broadband plan has different $ amounts of recharge, included Data allowance per recharge and expiry day's.

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