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5G hub plans

I need a plan to stream on youtube/twitch and gaming at the same time, and with the current connection I have at home its impossible. 

the only possible way is with the new 5g/4gx network... but the problem is that the max data I can get is 100gb... even with a 5g device, I can understand 100gb for usb/phone plans or older device but with 5g? I'm willing to pay more but there's nothing more then 100gb plans... am I missing something ??

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Re: 5G hub plans

Perhaps it's being deliberately kept low so that those who are being shafted by the LNP's fraudband - ie fttn, FW and the most despicable of all: satellite - still sign up for the nbn?

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Re: 5G hub plans

If you do some web searching on 200GB and 500 GB Mobile Broadband Plans being offered today, you will find them. Like most things in life, there are "fine print" issues you need to be aware of, such as the unit required to connect, its ability to link multiple devices simultaneously, the service's nominally rated mobile data speed, if it is available in your area, its ability to provide you with near to the claimed speeds at your specific location which is subject to distance and the load that the base station is experiencing at the time you wish to watch streaming video or play multiuser games with people all over the world.


Mobile Telephony was never originally designed for data in mind, it morphed into being used for that very successfully, but at the end of the day, mobile technology uses a limited resource which works well for the majority of subscribers when connection times are shorter freeing up capacity to others; the local base station was not designed to accommodate hundreds or thousands of people in a suburb to stream TV for 4 hours a night without disappointing consequences for users.


If you are, what may be defined, a heavy data user, generally a land line connection to the Internet is a better choice. I realise that this solution is also subject to "fine print" and highly dependent on where you live and what broadband services are available to you from practical point of view. NBN has a wholesale service that can provide a 1000 Mbps service today via FTTP only, but Retail Service Providers (RSPs) are not in a hurry to offer them to all customers, other than business users who are willing to pay in the order of under $1,000 a month. For home consumers, the business case does not stack up and I am not sure how the business case for 5G is going to fall - it becomes a lottery of where the technology is deployed and then the commercial realities will also set in for consumers. 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: 5G hub plans


The data limit is not being kept low deliberately to force people onto NBN and information Fixed Wireless and Satelllite were used in the Labor’s original NBN plan. Data is restricted due to the limited Wireless frequency available to the mobile carriers.

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