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ADSL Speed



when the repair guy was here last week my speed jumped from the usual 6-7, up to 11.6mbps. adsl.

20 minutes after he left it went back down to 6.4

can I achieve the better speeds on my own? what is he doing that im not and can I get this happen?

is Telstra slowing me down


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Re: ADSL Speed

Are you using WiFi or ethernet?
Please run the Telstra trouble shooting tool.... link is below
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Re: ADSL Speed

Could you post your modem stats. These are were you will find the stats on a Telstra Modem.

TG587 TG797. TG799 and TG800 > advance > broadband > DSL stats

Telstra Frontier (DJN2130) or Telstra Smart Modem (DJA0230) > Advanced > Broadband > DSL stats

Telstra Gateway (Sagemcom F@st 5355) > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > General > xDSL (Near bottom of page) Password is admin

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