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ADSL not available

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me as I've tried several times to no avail through the Telstra customer service number.
Basically I moved address a month or so ago and at that time I had a Tbox bundle with 200GB adsl connection tbox and home phone. Anyway I arranged a date to have the new address connected and eventually got my home phone connected several weeks later (after being told that the morning of the booked appointment was cancelled and I had to wait another 2 weeks to be connected!)
Anyway it was several days since my line was connected and I decided to call Telstra to see when my ADSL would be working as I was running out of data on my iPhone and needed it functioning ASAP for work (I work from home for a software company and run online sessions a lot) I was then told by the call centre that ADSL cannot be connected due to being a pairs gain system in my house. I wasn't sure what this meant but was explained that this meant that the builder didn't run two sets of cables into the house and I only had one. The solution at the time the customer service rep suggested was to get a new phone line connected at $299. I said ok to this as I desperately needed ADSL at any cost.
The technician came and put the new line in then a few days later I called Telstra customer service again and asked if this line would work so my ADSL connection would be working again. The person did some line tests and then told me that unfortunately the line isn't compatible with ADSL!
They then told me the solution is to get 4G Internet as I live in Hoxton Park and was assured there is coverage here. So I agreed to this but needed as much data as I could get which I was offered a max of 25Gb a month. On average with ADSL I used between 60-110gb a month. I though ok ill have to limit my personal usage and not let my 3 kids watch a lot of YouTube. Anyway I got the sierra 4G wifi hotspot for $165 a month which is heaps more than my $99
T box bundle.
After getting the 4G hotspot modem I was disappointed to know that I could not get a good 4g signal anywhere in my house! I did get 1 bar of reception but at 1mb at best! 3G was full reception. But having signed up to pay for 4G speeds I may as well have a 3G connection because I'm only getting that connection and pay much less!!
First why I am posting this online is I want to
A) pray against all odds and get an ADSL connection at home; or at worst
B) be downgraded to pay 3G prices on my 4G hotspot as I'm only getting 4G anyway. And also get more than 25Gb data

If someone can help me I'd appreciate it immensely
Thanks in advance

Dante Meneguz

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Re: ADSL not available

Forgot to mention that I live about 100-200 metres from the exchange
Support Team
Support Team

Re: ADSL not available


Hi Dante - as you've mentioned a Pair Gains system means that your phone line is connected to the exhcnage via a single pair of cables rather than two pairs. This may be done in areas of recent expansion or development to allow phone line connections at an exchange which may not have enough ports for a separate connection for each residence, but can impact on ADSL availability. When a broadband order is placed for a Pair Gains connection a technician is sent to the exchange to see if the connection can be moved to a different port to allow access. If you've had an order rejected due to incompatibility then a service may not be available at the moment, but we're working to expand ADSL availability via initiatives such as our Top Hat program ( so I hope we can provide a fixed connection for you soon.
Our mobile broadband plans are the same price for both 3G and 4G connections. You can check for coverage and expected connection speeds in your area via, and if you're having problems with speed or connectivity our team on 13 22 00 would be best to contact for investigation and help. At this stage the 25 GB option is the largest available for mobile broadband, but any change of plans will be advertised via

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Re: ADSL not available

I think it works best with an external antenna? i have 1 but the best set-up is with 2 antenna's outside,


Google MIMO to find out more on this?


I currently have only 2 bars & it only changes if not connected to outside antenna to 1 bar. it is very fast with 2 bars.


i have a lot of metal around me so my signal is poor BUT if the antenna is connected its fine. I think it may be the same if you were say in the 1st story trying to use it?


I am not a tech but fiddle to get the best out of it & i am still getting sattelite.....because this is too expensive & i qualify under the NBN scheme because it wont be fitted to my adress....there you are another option?????!!!!!!!!

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