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ADSL recently slowed down to approx 0.5mbps !

Our ADSL Internet has recently (last few weeks) slowed right down... did a few speed tests with ookla, and was as slow as 0.5mbps, with best being around 0.8mbps.


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: ADSL recently slowed down to approx 0.5mbps !

Could you post your line stats these will give an indication off what could be causing the low speed. There is an example of the stats below and on the Telstra modems / Gateways you will fine the line stats here:


TG587 Telstra T-Gateway (TG797). Telstra Gateway Max TG799 and Telstra Gateway Max II (TG800) > advance > broadband > DSL stats

Telstra Gateway Frontier (DJN2130), Telstra Smart Modem (DJA0230) Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (DJA0231) > Advanced > Broadband > DSL stats Log in ID Gen 2 is admin/Telstra

Telstra Gateway (Sagemcom F@st 5355) > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > General > xDSL (Near bottom of page) Password is admin



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