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Activation of Telstra 4GX WI-FI Pro Fails



I bought a Telstra 4GX WI-FI Pro  on Sunday 15th.


I tried activating it online, as per the instructions, using

I was able to progress through the SIM Serial number validation, license check, and enter my address and email, and then after the final confirmation screen, I get the error:


"We’re experiencing some technical difficulties progressing to the next step, but we're working on it. Please try again later or contact 24x7 Chat."


I tried again on Monday with the same result, but now 24x7 is not available because of COVID-19.

I've tried every day since and cannot get past that point.


The SIM has not expired. I don't get an "already registered error", and the modem is not usable.


What are my options?


Are Telstra legitimately having technical difficulties with activation or is it a misleading error?

Do I just return it to the place I bought it?


At the moment it's a $99 paperweight Smiley Sad


Thank you.





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