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Bigpond 4G WIFI Activation Issues

Hi All,


Just wondering if anybody else ran into any issues activating the Telstra 4G WIFI. I'm trying to set it up currently for my grandparents who just moved into a Retirement village, and we haven't yet been able to activate properly via the online setup at http://bigpond.4g.  We know the username, but are having issues with the password validation. We called support who reset the password for us, but we still were unable to connect - having our call escalated to second level support. I've tried to manually input a whole bunch of username/password combinations via the admin login, but always end up with Error 29 - which I believe is a username/password combination error.

Any ideas what the SLA's are for second level support, as its 3 days later and we still haven't heard back. I tried calling again for an update and got the scripted "its still within the support time frame", but just trying to get this sorted for my Grandparents - who are kind of lost in their new home, with out the net!


Any help, or knowledge of SLA's would be appreciated!



- Scott


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Re: Bigpond 4G WIFI Activation Issues

Hi Lingwad,

It really depends as to where it's gone for this second level support but error 29 is 100% an authentication issue. Assuming that you've already registered your device, go into the interface you've linked and skip activation if it asks for it (popup window) then login if it asks (password is "admin"). Go into advanced settings followed by WAN then Setup. Click add/edit profiles down the bottom and enter / re enter your email and password. Once you're on the main screen click on connect and hopefully it should work, alternatively remove and reinsert the battery once you've updated these details.

Short of that not working you have the wrong device assigned to your account or you're inputting the incorrect details. If it's the wrong device on your account you should be able to change it with as long as there are no current orders provisioning on your account.

Hope this helps.




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Re: Bigpond 4G WIFI Activation Issues

Good luck with getting help from Telstra or Bigpond Scott I've been having various issues with them for the past three weeks or so & while they are happy to chase their money they don't seem to be that keen or perhaps knowledgeable enough to help'

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Re: Bigpond 4G WIFI Activation Issues

You need to use Internet Explorer rather than Firefox or other browsers.