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Bigpond MBB never send usage alerts

I have a Bigpond 4G Mobile Broadband service on the highest available residential plan (25GB) (due to lack of access to 'serviceable' ADSL). My 4G modem is plugged directly into my router so that the service is shared throughout the house.


There are no data top-ups available on Bigpond mobile broadband plans, as opposed to other 'fixed line' services. The service is slowed to a measly 64kB/s instead. As such I need to be informed of my household's usage.


I contacted Telstra to set up email alerts for my Bigpond account and confirmed with them the correct email address. This month we have used about 98% of our 25GB allowance and I have not received a single email alert.


I feel backed into a corner here - a lack in Telstra infrastructure causes me to use an expensive Bigpond MBB service, which is limited in size without an option for top-ups, and then I am not receiving any alerts to assist me in to manage that service (despite specifically contacting Customer Service).


What does a customer have to do to get something as simple as email alerts working? 

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Bigpond MBB never send usage alerts

Hey ajGold,


I am sorry that these notifications have not been received to your nominated email address Smiley Sad


Something that can happen from time to time is that the emails sent from our servers are incorrectly filtered by your email management program as spam or junk email and placed in either your spam or junk folder. Are you able to check your spam or junk folder to see if these emails have been sent there incorrectly?


You are also able to register the account for the free My Account service that will provide you access to your usage meter for this service at any time. If you have a mobile device, then we also have the Telstra 24/7 App available that uses this My Account login to provide you with this information on the go as well. To register for the free My Account service please go to:


The app is locatable in either the Google Play or Apple Stores.

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