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Bigpond Mobile registration error wcp0056

Does anyone know what this particular error means when you're trying to register after receiving the mobile device? Have been bounced around through escalations and such from activations and kind of would like to know what it is.

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Re: Bigpond Mobile registration error wcp0056

Well, after 8 business days of having the modem in my hands, yet unable to formally complete the account setup process, I've just about had enough. Latest news I'm getting is at least Monday before "anything" is done, and that's a complaints team member apparently. Toying with just cancelling altogther and going elsewhere. I do have that choice.


For the hassle I'm going thru here, I should just stick to prepaid tethering like I do now. And the only news I get is oh.. there's a technical issue. For gods sake people. it's 2013. Automated systems have been in place for how many years? And every place I've worked.. if the automated one fails.. then well.. a manual one can be done. Why should it take no less than 10 business days for a manual one to be performed. Surely "someone" has that authority?

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