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Can Nighthawk usage alerts be sent to another address? Can you opt out of the automatic 1Gig

I logged into my router recently (to perform some other task) and found not only was I over plan but I had been through three 1Gig top-ups.


I dont dispute that I was over my limit, but I am hoping there is a more effective way to notify users than sending messages to a device that is unattended by design (it is a home router, after all). Forwarding to another recipient (eg email) might be a good alternative.


It also seems counterproductive to have the account automatically top up. Is there any way to turn this off? Ironically while in a topped-up state I cant easily make plan changes (telstras site says the account is "suspended") so the only thing that happens when you are over plan is telstra's automatic milking machine, taking $10 at a time.


Any info would be greatly appreciated

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Can Nighthawk usage alerts be sent to another address? Can you opt out of the automatic 1Gig



Welcome to CrowdSupport.


Usage Notifications can be emailed to you. Give the team a call on 125111 to arrange that.


Extra data is automatically applied to your service if you exceed data per the Critical Information Summaries of the plan.

It's a much better option than the previous charging method at up to $3 per MB (depending on the plan)

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