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Connect USB Prepaid Dongle to Technicolour TG797n V3


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Re: Connect USB Prepaid Dongle to Technicolour TG797n V3

Hi Guys, I am trying to connect a Telstra Pre Paid 4G USB Dongle to a Technicolor TG797n V3 Modem. The purpose for this is that my home phone is connected through a highly congested phone exchange. I have numerous drop out issues as well as speed issues and at times a very noisy phone line. Whilst months of trying to deal with this problem with Bigpond-Telstra Tech support comes down to the Exchange congestion problem and the NBN-Telstra change over meaning no upgrading of exchanges until the NBN is put in place in my area. Currently there is no published plan to do this in my area. I have gone to the modem ( set up page and disconnected the phone line, and then tried to connect the USB Prepaid using the 3g/4G setting box but it does not seem to accept the USB. The USB Dongle is working OK when plugged into the computer directly I have tried using the dongle with the Pin Enabled and disabled with no success I have used both USB ports on the Technicolor TG797n V3 I do have the correct Pin and PUK Coded for the USB Dongle (Double checked) The Technicolor TG797n V3 does say that the USB can be used for a Dongle so it is not a hardware issue? Any help would be appreciated King Regards Ebeing
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Re: Connect USB Prepaid Dongle to Technicolour TG797n V3

Good afternoon Ebeing, it is my belief that  the usb port can not be used for runing, run of the mill  3G/4G mobile broadband dongles..


The usb port is primarily to allow you to connect an external hard drive and share files accross your neworked computers.


The only compatible devices which do offer a measure of onectivety currently are the stand alone  Telstra Ultimate (AirCard 312U), the Telstra USB 4G (AirCard 320U) and the BigPond USB 4G (AirCard 320U).



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