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Cycling through IP addresses when connecting

Hi.  Lately whenever I hit the 'connect' button I'm being cycled through eight or ten IP addresses (starting, each address lasting less than half a second, before the thing maybe settles down with a firm IP address (starting  Every second or third login it won't settle on an IP address at all, the IP address details remain blank, a connection isn't made, and I have to pull the modem out of the USB port, reinsert and do it all again.


Any ideas what's going on there?


It's a 4G, non-wireless modem and I prepay for the service using the 12gig, 365 day option.  The modem runs on an old HP PC operating through Windows Vista.  I've used the same prepaid plan, modem, PC and operating system now for about nine months without problem.  This has been going on now for at least a couple of weeks.  I've tried searching based on "cycling IP addresses" and a bunch of others, but can't find a similar problem, let alone a solution.


Thanks for your time.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Cycling through IP addresses when connecting

Hi gs31

IP addresses that start with 169. mean it is a private network created by your computer.  The computer is assigning itself this IP address whenever it can not obtain IP address from modem/router or it is being blocked somehow.

I would recommend checking for any security programs you have and make sure it is set to allow the Telstra connection manager,  (you can also temporarily disable to confirm if the issue is with your security program)

If this fails you can also try to reinstall the Telstra connection manager software encase there is a problem with the connection manager communicating with the device.

- Steve J

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