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DC on my wireless device no internet

I am also having this problem ongoing for nearly 12months, some days I can restart laptop & modem and it will work again, or days like today where I have tried getting on several times throughout the day and no luck....GGetting extremely frustrating as u need it for work, and sick of paying for a service that's works probably 7-10days out of a monthly billing period, does anyone know if external antennas help fix the problem???

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Re: DC on my wireless device no internet

I bought a $200 external antenna and have 5 bars.  I get the same issues with you.  Sometimes when connected the internet fails to respond.  I disconnect and then try to reconnect 20+ times with no luck.  Sometimes speed is 300kb/s download plus then will pause for 20+ seconds and then begin transmitting again, etc.  


Emailed Telstra, and then said the tower in my area was under investigation for congestion, but the ticket had been closed.


TBH, I really am getting fed up paying for 2x devices at $120 a month for this service.....  there is no other option now that the liberals taken over and shut down the construction of wireless fibre in my area that should have been completed end of 2013.

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