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Excess Data Usage - 4GX / Netgear LB2120 Modem

I'm hoping someone can provide advice here... I have an issue (reported it to Telstra already) using a NetGear LB2120 4G modem in bridge mode... with nothing connected, it uses a set amount of data (117MB) every 4 minutes or so, almost to the second... I have read on a Netgear forum that this is an issue and no resolution... see link.. I've been into the Telstra store and spoke to the tech guys as well as the commercial people, they advise that this model modem (LB2120) is a sTelstra supported version, yet this issue exists.... Seems odd that its not known, but others are experiencing this, based upon the link above... Any ideas or comments would be grateful. Steve

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Re: Excess Data Usage - 4GX / Netgear LB2120 Modem

Hi mallinss, 


Thanks for using crowd support. It would be best to change your WiFi password and reset your modem. Then test if this continues without any other devices connected. The usage that is being recorded is normally due to something being connected and using the data and not an error. By changing your WiFi password and resetting your modem, this will ensure nothing else is using the connection. You will then be able to see if the data is still showing the same amount used per 4min. 


Let us know if this fixes the issue. 



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Re: Excess Data Usage - 4GX / Netgear LB2120 Modem

HI lain_T


There is no WIFI, the modem is in bridge mode, or services in this device are disabled based upon the bridge function....there are no devices connected to this during the tests, as the LAN / WAN ports are not connected to my internal devices....

This seems to be a known issue with this device and Telstra Mobile Broadband service.... this behaviour does not occur when I was using Optus and the only difference between the configs is the SIM and the APN....


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