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Excessive Data Usage on 4g Wifi Modem

Hey All. 


So this week i made the purchase of a Telstra 4g Wifi Modem. Connected it, coverage seems to do what I need in my little townhouse - 5Gb gone in an hour.... okay... maybe update/start up data, i can accept that. Purchased a $50 - 50GB recharge and recharged my account on Tuesday evening. 


Well here i am, 8am Friday Morning and all 50gb is gone. 


I'm out of the house from 9.30am everyday, wednesday night got home at 10pm, Last night at 11.30pm and didn't even turn the modem on these days - but telstra are reporting data usage - SIGNIFICANT data usage. 


Now speaking to a few people - this seems to be a common problem - them recording data usage that in fact hasn't happened. So My Question is: have you experienced this?


Note: for 4 years I was with iinet in my old property - 4 people living in the home and we barely used 100GB a month - this was with two gamers and one guy who watched youtube and streaming all the freaking time. now i'm living solo - barely home and used 50GB on this modem in two days? 


Also, have telstra mobile - for two months have had no internet at home - been using only my mobile phone for data/hotspotting and would definitely be more usage - and suprise suprise - 40gb a month has been my highest usage?!


Would love to hear your experiences or recommendations on providers that don't rip you off and will answer your questions - the consultant i've spoken to has avoided several times how the data usage is charged compared to mobile. 



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Re: Excessive Data Usage on 4g Wifi Modem

I've been using post paid Mobile broadband for almost 4 years and have never had your experience. It may just be related to prepaid????   Have you secured your modem with a good password? Or hopefully changed it again?

If your experience was common... there'd be similar complaints here all the time. We do have reports of one modem reading higher than Telstra... but that's as common as it gets.

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Re: Excessive Data Usage on 4g Wifi Modem

I have had a mobile broadband prepaid service for over three used. Most of the time modem is turned off and I have never noticed any data usage in time modem is off.

Have you checked the data usage meters on the modem and compared them with the data recorded on the online meters. If they differ report a fault so that it can be investigated. There have been a few rare cases were the online meters have been in accurate.

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