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Home Wireless Broadband Plan restrictions

A few years ago I got a Telstra 4G Aircard to use away from home.   I now use it mainly at home to supplement our very slow ASDL and rarely take it out of the house.   The 4G service is much faster than I am able to get on the NBN FTTN service which has just arrived in my area. Given that our data usage is modest (18GByte/month) I am considering ditching our landline and solely rely on 4G.


I was looking at the Telstra Home Wireless 4G plans that use the same modems as the GO Mobile plans. I would expect these plans to be restricted to one location but the only restriction I can find is that the SIM can’t be used in handset which is the same restriction the Go Mobile plans have. Does anyone know if Telstra allow the Home wireless broadband modems to be used away from home?


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Re: Home Wireless Broadband Plan restrictions



Youll find that there isn't any localised geo fence and you can utilise the service within the confines of Australian waters/boundaries.


I know competitors have speed restrictions but I read none of that in the PDS


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Re: Home Wireless Broadband Plan restrictions

Hi Dave,


Thanks that was my reading of the situation as well.  


The real value of the Telstra Home Wireless plan over those offered by the competitors is that it gives the full 4 G speeds whereas the competition restrict it to 12 Gb/s. However, if there are no location restriction within Australia I am bit puzzled why anyone would opt for Go Mobile plan with a lower download limit.





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