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Hotspotting to a ps4/nat types

Am trying to run my ps4 off of my mobile hotspot but when I do that I get a strict nat type (type 3) unfortunately. This stops me from joining lobbies with my friends so I need to get an open nat type (type 2). Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows of a way to fix it! Cheers!

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Re: Hotspotting to a ps4/nat types

I think it doesn't work all that good on the 4G advanced, but the advanced 2 and advanced 3 should be capable of DMZ and port forwarding.



Results may vary though as i think that if the Hotspot changes cell towers it can muck about with any port forwarding rules

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Re: Hotspotting to a ps4/nat types

I have the same issue beeing researching sooooo many pages, only qay I can see that would work is to root the phone, but I dont want ro do that -.-
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Re: Hotspotting to a ps4/nat types

The only way around this that I have found is to tether your hotspot to a laptop / pc then run a ethernet cable from your laptop to your console.


While this might not work for anyone without a laptop and cable ( obviously ) it is that only thing I have managed to find that actually allows you to run an open nat type on a console using a wifi hotspot.

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Re: Hotspotting to a ps4/nat types

Don't think that's going to work, as they are giving us non public IP address. 


Even if we're connecting via a laptop, it's still non public IP, correct me if I'm wrong though

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