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How to unlock a Telstra 3G & 4G ZTE Wi Fi modem from the Telstra network

I have finally solved this, thanks to ZTE, no thanks to Telstra.

1. get an unlock code from Telstra, it will cost you $25 unless the modem is 2 years old

2.Turn off any modems in the house that you are using for your home internet as they can cause WI FI conflict

3. put another network providers SIM card into the modem

4. power up the modem & connect using the USB cable to your computer

5. the computer will search using your default browser for www.m.home

6. log in as the administrator using password in the box

7 A screen will come up saying that the device is locked & ask for a unlock code

8. enter the code & wait for the unlock success & connection to the SIM you put in

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