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MR1100 connect to a wireless router

Hi Guys,

I have a Nighthawk MR100 and wish to connect it to a wireless router for better wifi and LAN at home.

Is this possible? I cannot seem to get the internet out of the wireless router. I am trying it on Seagem FAST5355.


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Re: MR1100 connect to a wireless router

According to the manual I don't think yo can use the Ethernet port to access the internet.


"You can connect an Ethernet-compatible device to this port. Your mobile router can send data received from your service provider’s mobile broadband network through this port, but cannot send data received on this port out over the broadband network. Devices connected to the mobile router over WiFi and devices connected to this port can send and receive information to each other. The Ethernet connection speed is about 500 Mbps." 


My interpritation is that the connection is only one way (receive) and in order for the internet connection to work it must be two way. As well as receiving data you must also be able to send data. That is probably why internet is not working through the router.





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Re: MR1100 connect to a wireless router

My Nighthawk MR1100 is working with Ethernet out to a wireless router, for better LAN etc. Not for data off-loading, which appears to be referenced in the previous manual excerpt.


There are two versions of the manual, US and AU. The AU version caters for always-on fixed internet. 


From the March 2018 AU manual:
“If you use the mobile router as a fixed mobile router, we recommend that you remove the battery and use a quick charge power adapter.”


@matt480 you will need the latest firmware. There’s a couple of settings I may be able to help with if you are still looking into this.





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Re: MR1100 connect to a wireless router

Hi hyppolyte,

Yes I am. I was able to update the firmware and can connect via the LAN port from the M1 to my WAN port port on my D7000 Netgear Nighthawk. I can connect via WiFi form the D7000 successfully.

But I need I am have difficulty port forwarding form the M1 for my alarm and security cameras.

I have it working via the D7000 and my new Telstra mode/router when connected to NBN, but not when connected to the M1.

I have had my IP address to be made public.

I have the D7000 in bright mode, and have entered the required data in to the M1 but the ports are stilled closed when I check.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks Matt


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Re: MR1100 connect to a wireless router

Hi Matt,

The link for the user manual in help and support takes you to a US manual from September 2017.

Here is a link to the Aus support page from Help and Support in the router where the June 2018 Au manual is:

Also lately providing the latest firmware.

My setup is much simpler than yours, using a Go Repeater Cel-fi, no fall over available, just an always on Ethernet out to either a Dovado, or AirPort Extreme, for household internet. The only setting essential for this is Settings|Setup|Mobile RouterSettings|Ethernet Standby|Disabled. 

Reference by @cf4 may be an indication that fall over from your NBN and ethernet out could be mutually exclusive. Have your checked the Netgear forum, though not an area of mine there are threads regarding port forwarding.


Sorry I could not help more.




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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: MR1100 connect to a wireless router

If you have a Telstra consumer Mobile broadband connection port forwarding will not work due to carrier grade NAT. With Carrier grade NAT the M! does not have a public IP address. For port forwarding to work you will need a business mobile broadband SIM with data code GPTEXB3  

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