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Mobile broadband upload speed slow in some locations

On my Telstra mobile service I am encountering extremely slow upload speeds <1mbps in one specific location (Northgate QLD, 4013) making it impossible for me to do basic tasks. 


I have done all of the troubleshooting tests 

- Reset phone

- Reset network settings

- Clear Cache

- New SIM card

- Confirmed no service disruptions or outages

- Tried at different times of day and night (its not a congestion issue)


A Telstra employee made a change to my APN codes in their system which fixed the issue for a few hours but it returned again that evening and has been a problem ever since. So far nobody in the 'Mobile Faults' team has been able to identify or fix the problem. 


I dont understand how this could be a fault with my mobile (iPhone5, less than 2 years old) 

- I have tried the sim card in another phone and it worked just fine.

- My phone works everywhere else

- My download speed is normal everywhere


On 3 separate occasions Telstra have not called me back when promised so here I am seeking answers. Any help/info is appreciated.

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