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Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

A couple of months ago I received a Netgear Aircard 810S which I use for wireless broadband when travelling around NSW.
When I am in marginal reception areas, I use a tried & tested MIMO dual-lead antenna to boost reception. Without the antenna, the strongest signal I can get is 3 bars of 3G. With the antenna, my signal goes to two bars of 4G.
However, when in these marginal areas, the Aircard regularly resets itself by turning off and on. Each time the modem comes back on line it shows 2 bars of 4G reception, but soon thereafter resets itself again. I have already had the modem replaced by Telstra, but the new hardware is experiencing exactly the same issue as the original modem, so a hardware issue seems less likely to be the cause. I have had a look at the TLS Tower information, and the tower I am pointing my antenna at is approximately 2kms away and is only broadcasting 4GX on 700MHz bandwidth. I do not have line-of-sight to the tower due to a ridge line with good tree growth on it.
These drop-outs / modem resets make it almost impossible to use the internet, so very frustrating.
The same modem works without issue in strong signal areas, eg Sydney.
Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

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Re: Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

So the modem reset itself when you have the antenna plugged in essentially?


Sounds like the antenna could be the issue

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Re: Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

Without the antenna, I can't get 4G reception, so yes, I only experience this problem when the antenna is plugged-in.

When the antenna is plugged-in, the modem shows a steadt 2 bars of 4G reception. let's say the antenna is somehow faulty, and the signal went to NIL. Why would that cause the modem to turn itself off and on again???

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Re: Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

Gday cruiserbear,

im having the same issue. Thought i would help out reception wise with an antenna as well which has helped signal.

on the way home from the telstra shop without the ext antenna plugged in it started rebooting itself.


how did you or anyone else is go with this issue?

im waiting for backend support to get back to me. Device checked no faults nor at telstras end.

i suspect issue with new 4GX freq communicating with the device & causing some sort of fault in the device..

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Re: Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

i'm thinking of buying a Netgear 810S, the latest 4g pocket router, but seeing what happened to you, i need double check now...Man Wink

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Re: Netgear 810S (Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III)

When you say the 810S "resets itself" what do you actually mean? Does the whole device cycle off/on and re-boot?
I have an 810S I use in location where only Telstra is available, but have seen a slightly different issue.
The issue I've seen when only 3G is available, even when connected to an external antenna, getting full signal , is that the 810S switches constantly/randomly from DC to H to 3G.. While its disconnecting and re-connecting theres no data transfer.
This is the same issue i have seen countless times with the old Sierra Wireless 760S modems. I came to the conclusion that it was a firmware issue where the algorithm that decides which service to use is fundamentally flawed. I was very disappointed to see this same issue with the latest Netgear 810S.
I will note that if you are only getting 2 bars of 4GX 700MHz and your location is "fixed" then you might want to look art getting a higher gain antenna. Some of the more accurately advertised antennas I've used are these:



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