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Netgear Nighthawk 4GX Not Displaying Data Usage

My device is stuck on the same setting and has been for 2 billing periods, simply saying I have 5 days left and 25.08 gb of data. It has said the same thing now for 2 months, completely useless tbh as it is not accurate. 


My Firmware is NTG9X50C_12.06.08.00

I have tried a full hardware reset, numerous 'power cycles, removing the sim, everything possible however the problem persists. I want to be able to tell how much data is remaining on my plan by simply looking at the screen of the Nighthawk, having to enter  the 27/7 separate application is not an answer when the modem has this inbuilt function.


The Nighthawk device itself has this feature, which Telstra seems unable, or unwilling to fix despite multiple threads from owners stating that this is a serious problem. This is a hardware locked device to the Telstra network, and it's incredibly frustrating and costly when trying to manage monthly data limits and this function does not work and has not worked since the firmware update.


Telstra really needs to resolve this issue, ringing support and having them tell you to contact Netgear is of no help whatsoever when Netgear advises that this is a Telstra issue. As Telstra is the provider of the network connection in the first place, its as plain as day that this is a Telstra problem.



Please, please Telstra get this very irritating, costly and inconvenient issue rectified. None of the posted solutions you have provided work, the error with the devices remains for no doubt hundreds if not thousands of users. This has cost me money twice now as my family has inadvertently used up all the data, relying on the inaccurate information relayed by your device.


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