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Netgear Nighthawk M1 Static/Dynamic ip - Passthrough problems


I have been sold a Nighthawk M1 to replace my 3g Netcomm. To begin with the Netcom had an excellent wifi range and good connectivity capability.

We are farmers and have a lot of machinery and electronic equipment connected to our Network including the usual dynamic devices but a number of static devices that controllers need to know where they are.

On getting the M1 we connected the ethernet port to a switch but found that all the static devices dropped of the map although we had updated there static ip to match the nighthawks range.

On further investigation we discovered that the M1 will not allow statically designated devices to communicate through it, which brought those devices to a holt and our wifi bridges where some of those.

We saw that the unit had the facility to be setup a passthrough function and tunr off the DCHP serving. We did this and fed that into our old Netcomm and set the Netcom as the DCHP server - We found this didn't work and the M1 wouldn't pass data through - showed the yellow blinking light of misery, although it would work directly plugged into my Laptop.

What I am thinking is that the Netcom may not be able to facilitate an adequate NAT and the M1 is failing.

Has anyone out their set up the M1 in passthough mode with another router to run their devices as this has wasted to much time trying to get my equipment back online and undertaking more productive activities.


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