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Nighthawk M2 Dual Band: Printer Not Recognised By Devices Logged In at 5G

I have a Nighthawk M2 that I run as dual band and have a number of devices linked, most dual band capable, except a printer on 2.4. All worked well until 6 days ago when I received a software upgrade to the device. Since then all devices logged in to the 5G band do not recognise the printer. If I want to print from any device I have to first log off the 5G connection and then log on to the 2.4 connection initiate the print process and then when completed return to the more practical 5G connection to continue. What can I do to remove this burden.

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Re: Nighthawk M2 Dual Band: Printer Not Recognised By Devices Logged In at 5G

Hi Berrydot, 


Thanks for using Crowd Support and sorry to hear you're having trouble printing since an update. This may be the printer but our Telstra Platinum support team on 13 75 87 can have a look into his for you and see what's the cause.


Let us know if you have any trouble there though. 

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Re: Nighthawk M2 Dual Band: Printer Not Recognised By Devices Logged In at 5G

Berrydot - If you need to log off 5Ghz and log-in to 2.4 Ghz in order to print, it implies that you may be using the Printer's 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi Direct network and not the M2 Wi-Fi network connection.


It could be that the upgrade has bumped off the printer from its previous DHCP Server IP Address reservation. Do you see an IP address for it in your M2 Admin screens? If not, are you able to reconfigure the printer menu to manually assign a permanent IP address/Gateway/Subnet Mask etc rather than automatically obtain a fresh one. If it then appears in the list of the M2 Connected Devices, and you haven't previously done so, you may wish to assign a Static IP Address in the M2 to it to fix it to that address in case of any future M2 disruptions. Assume you are using the USB for charging and the LAN port for something else but if the printer also has a LAN port, connection via a low cost Switch may enable you to have a more stable LAN printer connection.  Hope this helps. 



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