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Pre-Paid Wi-Fi Modem

I purchased a Pre-Paid Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Modem on Thursday. It took 2 hours to get it activated which was frustrating. As it only came with 5gb of data we have been turning it off when not needed. Today I checked usage history. Dates & time of usage is accurate except for 2 items. Yesterday when the modem was turned off & we weren’t home there is a usage log & today nearly 1gb was used when it was off. I am confused. If all the other times are correct then this can’t be a delayed log of usage. How can we be using data if the device is switched off? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Pre-Paid Wi-Fi Modem

I have 2 post paid different wireless services.
The logging is notoriously haphazard and I'm guessing that something eg updates etc etc was downloaded when the modem was on and the billing was delayed. Providing your modem password is enabled ...the reason is overwhelmingly what I have suggested.
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